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Writing happens anytime and anywhere. Even at a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game. 

That's one of my favorite things about writing --inspiration can come from daily life or oddball experiences. And you can never guess where you'll be when an idea strikes. 

Nine times out of ten I say something to my grandchildren and as soon as it comes out of my mouth I can hear the potential picture book it can become. 

"You have rocks in your ruffles," or "You can't have donuts for dinner" are two examples of these silly sentences turned into book titles.

When my pretend grandchildren (aka neighbors) went through the deployment of their father and the untimely deaths of their grandparents, the Cuddles books & stuffed animal partners helped them get through their emotional struggles.


Carrie, Camo, and Cooper Cuddles chronicles the Cuddles family as they use their wings to help little ones cope with their struggles. Whether it be deployment, missing their loved ones, or battling monsters under the bed, the Cuddles family is there to help. 

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